Problems That Lower Your Chances of Winning Child Custody

People assume it’s only parents with a history of criminal offenses or substance abuse unfit for child custody. Wrong. There are a lot of factors that can lower your chances of winning a child custody case. If you want to be reunited with your child and play an essential part in their upbringing, you need […]

Things You Should Know About Visitation Law

Divorces aren’t just hard for couples but also for their children. The moment you become parents for the first time, your child becomes an important part of your marriage. It’s no longer just you and your spouse who have stakes in your marriage; your children are an integral binding force in your marriage. Image Filename: […]

Adjusting and Getting Back to Work After a Divorce

A divorce is a life-changing event that can alter your routine, lifestyle, and priorities significantly. For many people, the change is overwhelming; it can make returning to the office feel impossible. Regardless of whether you took a few days off from work or left the workforce for several years, it’s essential to make the shift […]

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Separation and Divorce Proceedings

When a couple initiates divorce proceedings, there are numerous official and legal processes to go through before coming to a final agreement. Depending on the situation, the parties may have to discuss property, spousal support, child visitation, debt, health insurance, and custody agreements. The process is complicated as is, but with the advent of COVID-19, the […]

Co-Parenting During the Holidays: What You Need to Know

Although the holidays are a time of love, excitement, and cheer, the celebrations can take a nasty turn if you’ve separated from your spouse. Whether you’re finished with the divorce proceedings or in the midst of one, the whole process can be emotionally distressing. Co-parenting is often a difficult process, with both parties looking to […]

What Factors Determine Child Custody in California?

Divorce is complicated and messy as it is; it’s even more stressful when you add children to the mix. The debate over child custody can drag the divorce proceedings on for longer than they need to be. Back in the day, the custody of the child was always given to the mother as she was […]

Can You Prove Neglect in a Child Custody Case?

Deciding how much time each parent gets with their child after a divorce is complicated when both parties disagree. If one parent strongly believes that the other parent is incompetent and can’t care for their child, they can hire a child custody lawyer to present their case in family court. Working with a child custody […]

Spousal Support in California—How is it Decided?

The family court in California looks at many factors when determining the amount of spousal support that needs to be paid, and how long it’s supposed to go on for. Because the court has a lot of power when it comes to setting spousal support, your family law attorney has to provide ample evidence to […]

Why You Need To Reevaluate Your Estate Plan

The coronavirus pandemic has us all on edge. What seemed like a distant and faraway virus has now become one of 2020’s most gruesome realities. It has forced us to confront our worst fears like unemployment, health deterioration, loneliness, and even death. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the unpredictable is never truly […]

Why Hiding Assets During Divorce Isn’t a Good Idea

Divorce can get ugly—one minute you’re lamenting over years of hard work and effort that you put into your relationship, and the next minute, the same sadness is fueling your anger on why your partner couldn’t do enough to sustain the relationship. No matter what emotion rules you during a divorce, it’s safe to say […]