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On The Lookout For Child Support Lawyers In Chico?

According to California law, “in the manner fitting to the situation of the child,” both parents are equally responsible for supporting their minor kid. The law mandates parental assistance for children until they reach the age of 19; but, if parents have agreed to continue supporting an adult child after that point, courts will enforce that agreement.

Parents’ responsibilities are unaffected by a child’s age if they are unable to understand or communicate for themselves. Sometimes, a judge specifies an event in the future, such as the child’s marriage, as the date when the payments will end.

If the state, a private or governmental organization, or an independent volunteer takes on the care of the child, they may be entitled to recover the expense from the parent. When a court orders the parent to pay child support and the state incurs expenses and lawyers’ fees to enforce that order, those expenses and charges are also imposed on the parents.

Our Child Support Attorneys In Chico Can Help You With:

  • Guarantee that your kids are given the financial aid they require.
  • Assuring that your earnings and debts are accurately and fully represented in court.
  • Changing the terms of a child support agreement to take into account new circumstances.

We can safeguard your rights whether you are attempting to get a raise in support payments or a reduction in your child support responsibilities due to a loss of employment, impairment, or other significant change in circumstances. Ron Marquez Law Corp’ Child & Spousal Support Attorneys in Chico have a proven track record in child support and adjustment cases.