Divorce lawyer Chico CA


In Search Of An Experienced Divorce Attorney In Chico, CA?

Ron Marquez Law Corp knows how difficult divorce may be and how eager our clients are to get their lives back on track. As a result, we approach settlement discussions, litigation, and legal battles keeping our clients’ well-being in consideration. Our firm’s lawyers are ready to help you in any divorce situation, whether it’s a disputed divorce, an uncontested divorce, or a civil union divorce.

It is necessary to have a specialist understanding of divorce situations involving considerable assets or complicated estates. With our expertise, we can recognize and value all types of assets and wealth, from property investment to securities to commercial interests to retirement money and pension plans, and a lot more.

Why Get A Divorce Lawyer In Chico?

Divorce is often misunderstood or misunderstood by many people. These can be extremely expensive and result in permanent damage to your resources, a loss of vital legal rights, and even criminal charges. For instance, were you aware that:

  1. Just because you filed for a divorce doesn’t mean you are “divorced.” As a result, if you get married again before the court declares you divorced, your new marriage could be declared void.
  2. Rather than based on who is the superior parent or has more resources to offer the child, decisions on custody of children and parenting hours are made based on what’s in the “the child’s best interest.”

Chico Arbitration & Mediation Lawyers from Ron Marquez Law Corp will collaborate with you to establish your goals and intended results for your divorce and to clear up any misinformation or concerns you may have about the law.