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Ron Marquez has served the community for years in his capacity as an expert on a wide range of legal concerns affecting both individuals and businesses. Considering the unique nature of each legal concern brought to our attention, Mr. Marquez creates personalized legal solutions and is experienced as a:

  • Personal injury attorney
  • Retirement division attorney
  • Pension division attorney
  • Spousal support & alimony attorney
  • Child custody and visitation attorney
  • Property division attorney

Whether you’re looking for a mediation lawyer or a litigation and trial attorney, Ron Marquez in Chico, CA is prepared to assist with your legal needs. With years of experience in civil law and family law litigation, Ron Marquez Law Corp utilizes all of our legal resources to ensure swift justice for your legal problems.

Car Accident Settlement

If you got into a car accident recently and sustained an injury or had your vehicle damaged, you may be liable for a car accident settlement. Car accidents range in intensity; they may be moderate and may not have lead to much damage. Conversely, they may be intense and result in a considerable amount of damage.

To arrive at a settlement, your injuries will need to be assessed to determine the proposed medical expenses. Our attorney ensures that the necessary tests are conducted to determine how much the settlement should be so you receive a fair settlement.

In calculating the amount for a car accident settlement, you need to gauge how much you would require to avoid taking the case to the court. Personal injury and damage to your property are usually considered separately. We, at Ron Marquez Law Corp, are committed to helping you achieve a settlement that suits you best.

Our attorney believes in having an open conversation with clients to determine what they hope to achieve and what their needs are; only then do we begin working towards protecting your rights and claims inside and outside the court.


In the event that you choose to forego a settlement in the aftermath of a car accident and want to go straight to litigation, we will provide you legal counsel every step of the way. When both parties are unable to reach a mutually beneficial agreement—especially in the case of personal injury—the litigation route is usually taken.

Our attorney employs extensive knowledge of the latest developments in the domain of litigation to ensure that your case has sound legal backing. Whether it’s outside or inside the court, your best interests are always our priority.