3 Ways the Coronavirus Can Affect Your Divorce

The coronavirus has changed the world as we knew it. From being forced to stay indoors to maintaining social distancing, we’re all struggling to come up with a routine that doesn’t threaten our lives during the vicious pandemic.

While the most apparent impact of the virus is on those who have contracted it, no one is immune to the ripple effect of the unpredicted circumstances that followed the onset of the pandemic.

Whether it’s the shattered economy, disrupted lives, or business closures, no one is immune to the coronavirus. The same goes for those undergoing divorce proceedings amidst the pandemic.

One would think that the pandemic is merely delaying divorce, but its effects run much deeper than we can fathom. From the application of temporary support and custody to re-assessing whether divorce is the right solution during these testing times, individuals are fighting the divorce battle on a multitude of levels.

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has affected divorce.

The Divorce Proceedings

Your divorce is a lawsuit that depends on the court system to become official. However, the court systems are still scrambling to deal with the sudden onset of the coronavirus without risking the lives of their employees, attorneys, and judges.

This roadblock influences your divorce immensely because it affects how many motions or petitions you can file, your trial and hearing, and the date you obtain your finalized divorce. While some courts are using technology and e-documents to conduct proceedings, others aren’t quite there yet.

Your Finances

Your divorce also hinges on the division of your assets that may be tied up in retirement or other business interests. In addition to that, if you’re in debt, you take more time to decide how that gets allocated and paid.

With the current economic crisis brought about by the pandemic, many have seen significantly lesser returns on their investments. The ongoing uncertainty also means that it may be difficult to predict precisely how much money or assets you have. As such, the turmoil will make it difficult to reach a financial settlement.

Your Kids

Parenting time has undergone a transition with e-learning and remote working models on the rise that have both kids and parents staying at home. If you have a co-parenting arrangement, you’re likely grappling with the unforeseen changes in your schedule during the pandemic.

While most jurisdictions have ordered a continuation of regular parenting schedules, it’s easier said than done. Breaking quarantine and increasing your risk of contracting the virus to maintain shared custody agreements can be difficult, and even result in unintentional agreement violations that complicate things further.

The coronavirus pandemic is already an unsettling time for many, and no one needs the added stress of a divorce to weigh them down. If you want to overcome these challenges to ensure the best possible outcome from the divorce, get in touch with the divorce attorneys in Chico, CA.

At Marquez Law Offices, we house a team of professional and experienced family law attorneys and divorce lawyers to ensure that your concerns and demands aren’t overlooked during divorce proceedings amid the coronavirus crisis.

Get in touch with us today and find out more about our services!


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