What Are Some Child Custody Mistakes Parents Make?

parents holding hands with a baby

Divorce is a painful and emotional process for all parties involved, but it comes 10 times harder when you add a child to the picture. Even though leaving your partner and parting ways with them might be the right decision for you, it can be tough for a child. Children don’t understand the legalities of […]

Common Legal Issues That Arise During Divorce

woman signing divorce decree

Marriage is a sacred institution, but we are living in the 21st century, which means couples have the full right to leave their partner if they feel their compatibility is lacking over time. However, divorce is not as simple as that. While some people treat their divorce as a breakup, it is essential to note […]

4 Instances When You Need to Update Your Will

person signing a paper

Will inheritance seems like a simple concept and a once-in-a-lifetime task, but you’re mistaken if that is what you think about your will? There are many common myths about writing a will, as many people, while they are young, believe they have ample time to write their will or that writing a will is a task you […]

California Law 101: How Do Car Accident Settlements Work?

a car collision

Did you know that car accident fatalities in the US have increased by a whopping 10.5% since 2020? More than 29% of all traffic-related fatalities in 2020 resulted from speeding. These are usually caused by driver negligence or disregard for traffic rules. Such car crashes often change the victim’s life completely. Not only do they cause […]

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Accident

a hit and run accident

Being involved in a car accident is an extremely daunting scenario. However, the situation escalates when the other driver flees the scene. This can be especially stressful when the other party is at fault.This is called a hit-and-run accident, and it can leave the victim feeling completely helpless. Unfortunately, hit-and-runs are more common than we realize. […]

Debunking Divorce Myths


Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful situations in one’s life. A divorce is a difficult transition in your life, and tensions may run high. In such trying times, you might hear different stories and experiences from people regarding the Californian divorce process. Though some of them might be true, a […]

What Is Probate? Everything You Need to Know About the Process

a probate lawyer working

The last thing anyone wants to deal with when a loved one passes away is probate. Losing a loved one is already one of the most difficult things a person can experience, especially when it’s unexpected. This is the time to process complex emotions and regain a sense of normalcy. However, the probate court can […]

Some Common Misconceptions About Family Law in California

a couple going through a divorce

Family law cases such as divorces and custody battles leave a long-lasting impact on everyone involved. It’s crucial that you’re aware of these laws, so youcan protect your rights when needed. Unfortunately, just like other legal aspects, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding family law. These misconceptions often discourage people from calling […]