Reasons You Need to Make A Will

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Many people have the misconception that a will is a needless document and a cash grab for attorneys. On the contrary, it’s a document that many people will seek to get made once they realize the effect not having one can have. Here’s why you need a will and should work with a wills and […]

Things to Know About Child Support in California

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When you have a child, you are responsible for supporting that child until he or she becomes an adult. This means providing both financial support and emotional support as your child grows. Being a parent is not easy, especially when the relationship turns sour. Separation often leads to child custody disputes and child support concerns. […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Probate Process

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Many of us lost a loved one during the pandemic. And while this is a very difficult situation to be in, many people don’t realize that they need to take care of their deceased loved ones’ assets to ensure they fall into the right hands. If you’re wondering how to distribute the assets of your […]

How To Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer?

Closeup of a damaged car after an accident

Did you know there were more than 33,000 fatal crashes on the road in 2019? However, only a handful of individuals get compensated for damages they experience because of the lack of legal knowledge about the personal injury law. If you’ve recently been in an accident and want to hold the responsible people accountable, it’s […]

3 Tips For Divorcing Parents

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Your divorce can easily affect the mental health of your kid, and this is why it’s crucial for parents to manage the situation efficiently to ensure their child doesn’t suffer. If you’re divorcing your partner and don’t know how to handle the whole situation, continue reading this blog to learn three tips for divorcing parents. […]

What if the At-fault Driver Lies to the Insurer?

Two crashed cars in the middle of the street

If you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run incident or the at-fault driver refuses to acknowledge their fault or worse, they lie to the insurer about the car accident to get rid of the liability, you need to be handle such situations. In such cases, you must reach out to a professional car accident settlement lawyer. […]

Meeting the Burden of Proof in a Car Accident Claim

When you bring forward a case in court you must have all the proof against the allegations made on the accused party. Each car accident case varies with the intensity of damage and hence requires a different set of evidence. Some cases do not require much proof, for instance, a criminal case might be resolved […]

2 Signs of an Invalid Trust

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A trust is a legal document that lasts 21 years under the law here in the state of California. While it’s mostly drafted with the assistance of a qualified trust attorney, there are times when some individuals undertake this task on their own, and that’s when it’s deemed invalid. First, let’s check out the basic […]

Calculating Emotional Distress Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Two crashed cars in the middle of the street

Personal Injury Damages You can pursue a personal injury settlement when you’re the victim of someone’s negligence. This compensation may include tangible damages with actual receipts, such as medical bills or salary cuts, and intangible or non-economic damages, like mental anguish caused by PTSD, grief, phobia, insomnia, and so on. While the former is easier […]