Does Your Brain Injury Make You Eligible for a Personal Injury Claim?


When it comes to impacting a person’s everyday life, a brain injury is among the most devastating. There were over 200,000 traumatic brain injury-related hospitalizations in 2019. A brain injury lawyer can evaluate the circumstances and help select the best legal choices for obtaining compensation for those who have suffered brain trauma as a consequence of an accident.

Requirements for a Personal Injury Claim

If someone has suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, a lawyer can advise them on how to proceed with a claim. Regardless of the reason that led to them, claims of negligence need some basic evidence. The person at fault must have had the responsibility to protect you from harm. If this duty was breached and someone was injured, you could have a negligence claim.

Insurance policies are frequently used to settle personal injury lawsuits. As a result, an insurance provider usually manages the claim. A lawyer may speak with the insurer on your account. Liability and damages will be important factors in the adjuster’s assessment.

Therefore, you should assume that the assessor will look into whether your actions caused the incident. The medical evidence provided by you will most likely be the primary focus of the investigation. It would be difficult to secure a suitable personal injury and damages settlement offer if you don’t have a well-documented affliction.

Making a Personal Injury Claim for Brain Injury

Suppose your accident was caused by another’s negligence. In that case, you are eligible to claim compensation for your medical costs, lost earnings, and any other economic disruption, along with pain and suffering, which is usually the most significant element of the claim.

A woman holding her head in pain

A personal injury lawyer can help you figure out what documentation you’ll need to back up your position. The emphasis would be on whether a brain injury affects your day-to-day life. For example, they will assess which activities and tasks you can no longer accomplish that you could carry out before the accident.

Hire a Brain Injury Lawyer

Our competent legal team at the Law Offices of Ron Marquez can help with brain injury claims. We can aid in navigating the personal injury settlements procedure for a smoother process overall.

Our team has represented various individuals and corporations in several legal matters over the years. Other than personal injury, our attorney can assist in family law, civil litigation, restraining orders, property law, and many other legal matters. Contact us today to speak to their specialized attorney dedicated to protecting your rights and best interests.


Disclaimer: This blog is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice.



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