Guide to Personal Injury and Damage Settlements Following a Car Accident

Car accident

Did you know that more than 10 million car and light truck crashes occur every year in the United States?

A major car accident can change your life and have long-lasting effects even years after the collision.

Have you been in a car accident recently and sustained an injury or damage to your vehicle due to another driver’s negligence? This means that you’re entitled to compensation with car accident settlements. Unfortunately, negotiating and securing fair settlements can be challenging.

Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about car accident settlements in Chico.

What Are Car Accident Insurance Settlements?

Car accidents can vary in intensity— some are moderate, and others can be intense and have a life-altering impact. If someone sustains an injury or damage to their vehicle following such accidents, they’re eligible for compensation. A car accident insurance settlement is the payment to settle your claim after an accident. These are usually paid by your or the other driver’s insurance company.

Car accident settlements are not the same as a court verdict. These settlements are usually reached before a court case or during the case. Most car insurance companies prefer settlements to avoid the unpredictability of the trial.

Unfortunately, negotiating can often be difficult as insurance companies often try to take advantage of claimants without attorneys.

What Is The Process Of Car Accident Settlements?

The first thing you should do after a car accident is to stay safe and get any medical help you or a passenger needs. Next, document everything you can and gather information about the other drivers. We also recommend that call the police to let them know of any injuries or damages you might have sustained.

When someone files an insurance claim, a claims adjuster reviews the facts, the medical records, and other information regarding the accident. They often approach the victims straight after the accident with a lowball bid, hoping that you’ll accept the offer.

More likely than not, they present the lowest offer because you don’t know the full extent of the damages yet.

You should always have your attorney on call to help you negotiate against any offers by insurance companies. That’s because when you accept a settlement amount, you waive your right to any additional compensation.

Average Car Settlements Payouts

There isn’t a concrete answer to how the settlement may amount. The type and severity of the injury you sustained affect the amount you’ll receive. In order to receive a higher amount, you need to prove the injury that resulted from the accident.

Common injuries from accidents include back, neck, shoulders, and soft tissue injuries.

The compensation may also be affected by determinants like your medical bills, future treatments, rehabilitation, lost wages, etc.

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