How COVID-19 Has Impacted Separation and Divorce Proceedings

When a couple initiates divorce proceedings, there are numerous official and legal processes to go through before coming to a final agreement. Depending on the situation, the parties may have to discuss property, spousal support, child visitation, debt, health insurance, and custody agreements. The process is complicated as is, but with the advent of COVID-19, the process has become even more difficult.

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives—from work, travel, and personal finances to the healthcare system and economy as a whole. In many ways, COVID-19 has affected several aspects of divorce proceedings too.

We’ve covered the most pertinent aspects here:

1. Child Support and Maintenance

Each state has its own guidelines about spousal support, alimony, and child support. California, for instance, is a “Community Property” state and all marital property, and responsibilities are divided in a 50-50 fashion unless agreed otherwise.

During COVID-19, employment has been interrupted, converted, or reduced for many people. Even if the situation is temporary, it does affect finances in the long run. This will be taken into account when creating an agreement during this time.

2. Life Insurance and Health Insurance

Insurance coverage and payout have been affected during the COVID-19 outbreak. Life insurance and health insurance are provisions for the family in case one party passes away. During the divorce and child custody arrangements, these factors will be taken into account too.

3. Parenting Time

For parties that have come to an agreement regarding children before the pandemic, this time can be challenging to navigate. For instance, parents that are healthcare professionals and working extended hours during the pandemic might not be able to see children as often as decided.

Furthermore, since traveling is also limited during lockdowns, it is very likely that the child will stay with one parent only.


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