How Does the Car Accident Settlement Process Work?

Two crashed cars in need of a car accident and personal injury attorney

Did you know that in 2018 there were around 12 million car accidents in the US? The demand for personal injury and damage settlements is on the rise.

If a person is involved in a car accident, the insurance claims get you the financial compensation for all your medical and property damage expenses.

To ensure a smooth accident claim settlement, a car accident attorney can help you through the following procedure.

Filing Claims

The initial step is to file for an insurance claim. The laws of the state where the car accident took place will determine the location where you should file.

If you believe you’re a victim, you’ll reach out to the insurance company of the other party to file a claim. If they don’t have insurance coverage because it’s costly, then you must reach out to your provider.


After the claim is registered, the responsibility to investigate the case falls on the insurance company. The company assigns an insurance claim adjuster to each case.

The first step of investigation involves interviews of both parties. You can even hear from an adjuster shortly after the car accident.

A heavily damaged car

Keep in mind to be mindful as you speak to an adjuster since it’s their job to investigate and play fair. If you’ve hired a car accident attorney, they’ll have experience dealing with this the right way.


If the company validates your claim, they’ll begin negotiations for damage settlements.

The adjuster evaluates the compensation according to the damage and offers an adequate amount. You’re provided with an opportunity to make a counteroffer.

However, you must not readily accept the first offer in the absence of a car accident attorney, as the compensation might be very less compared to the damage.

A car accident attorney increases your chances to receive adequate compensation and negotiate until a successful settlement.

Filing a Lawsuit

If the insurance companies failed to provide you with a settlement, then your car accident attorney can take the matter to court.

The majority of the car accident cases do end at accident claim settlements, however, some require filing a car accident lawsuit.

Your case may settle onthe trial date, or the jury will decide if you’re eligible for the desired compensation after hearing both sides of the story.

If you’re in need of a professionalcar accident attorney, contact us now. Our team of experienced lawyers makes sure to help you out with any personal injury and damage settlementcase.


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