How to Avoid A Messy Divorce


If you’ve been married, you know that marriage isn’t always eternal bliss, as portrayed in fairy tales and all the hit romantic comedies in Hollywood.

Marriage is a rollercoaster—sometimes it goes up and sometimes it brings you crashing down. But all that’s okay as long as you know that after a few tough days you will experience an uphill journey with the person you love.

But what if you don’t see the rollercoaster taking a turn for the better? What if it’s only downhill from here?

If you’re in a similar situation and your marriage is heading toward a divorce, take a look at some of these expert tips so you can avoid the hassle of a messy divorce.

Think with your head, not with your heart  

No one can deny the emotional strain one experiences when they go through a divorce—imagine splitting with someone who you thought was the one you’d get to spend the rest of your life with.

But as painful as the process is, if you want to avoid a messy divorce, you can’t let your emotions get the best of you.

When individuals let their emotions drive the divorce process, they end up spending much more money in the form of legal fees or the courtroom. Whether it’s feeling of anger, sabotage or sadness, its best to keep them at bay and listen to the voice of reason inside your head that’s still fighting for your best interest.

Don’t treat your kids as assets

Divorce proceedings bring out the worst in people. Parents that are undergoing a divorce often find themselves fighting for custody of the kids and treat them as assets. As a result, not only do the kids end up being traumatized, but they also end up feeling as if the entire debacle was their fault.

It’s best to understand that while you may want to spend your life with your kids, they also have certain feelings that must be taken into consideration. What if you fight for sole custody and forget to ask your kids if they’re okay with never seeing their other parent again?

In addition to that, it’s also best to avoid using children to get alimony money and other financial benefits that you will receive from your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Don’t take legal advice from anyone who isn’t a lawyer

Let’s make one thing clear—no two divorces are the same. Whether it’s the money involved or a question of assets, if your friends give you advice on divorce drawing from their own experiences, don’t listen to them because their situation might be drastically different from yours.

It’s normal to seek emotional support from friends but if you’re looking for legal advice, your lawyer is the only person you should turn to. From their extensive legal knowledge to their ability to pull you out of any legal rut, a divorce lawyer is your go-to person if you need counsel regarding your divorce.

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer, contact the best in Chico, CA! Marquez Law Offices give you the legal counsel and guidance you require so you can easily avoid a messy divorce. Get in touch with our team of experienced divorced lawyers and family law attorneys today.


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