Providing For Your Child: Does Your Yearly Income Affect Your Custody?

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Child custody is one of the most important matters involved during divorce proceedings. State laws determine the custody arrangements, and the outcome depends on several factors linked to both parties involved. But income affecting child custody is one thing that many parents going through divorce ponder over. So, does your yearly income impact your chances of gaining or losing child custody? Read on to find out!

The Role of Income in Child Custody Battles

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When it comes to sensitive matters, such as child custody, the results don’t rely on a single factor. While income may have some link with child custody, it isn’t directly linked to the outcome. Here are some important factors that can impact court decisions:

  • The primary caretaker of the child
  • Drug and alcohol history of both parents
  • Mental and physical health conditions of parents
  • Any history of child or domestic abuse
  • Child’s preference
  • Availability of educational opportunities for the child
  • Financial conditions of the parents

While courts do factor in the financial abilities of both parents, it isn’t a deciding factor. For instance, if a parent has enough income to support the child but has a child or domestic abuse history, they may not get custody. On the other hand, if a parent has no means of earning and is going through homelessness, their chances of gaining custody might lessen. An experienced Chico family law attorney may be able to guide you better based on your specific circumstances.

Child Support for Custodial Parent

Even if child custody is awarded to a parent that does not earn enough to support the child, the court order may ask the non-custodial parent to provide child support. So, income affecting child custody isn’t highly likely.

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In most cases, the court asks the non-custodial parent to provide the same share of income they did before the divorce to care for the child so that their quality of life isn’t disrupted. This is called the income share model, which is also used in the state of California.

Consult a Family Law Attorney, Chico, CA

If you’re about to go to court to fight for your child’s custody, you will need help from a reliable family law services Chico firm. Try reaching out to the Law Offices of Ron Marquez, where you can find the most experienced child custody & visitation lawyers Chico has. Get in touch today by calling (530) 332 – 8110 or emailing to book a consultation.


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