Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Accident

a hit and run accident

Being involved in a car accident is an extremely daunting scenario. However, the situation escalates when the other driver flees the scene. This can be especially stressful when the other party is at fault.This is called a hit-and-run accident, and it can leave the victim feeling completely helpless. Unfortunately, hit-and-runs are more common than we realize. According to the AAA Foundation, a hit-and-run crash occurs every 43 seconds in the United States.

Today, we’re discussing the steps you should take after a hit-and-run accident, such as getting help from a car accident attorney in Chico.

Try To Identify The Driver

Since most hit-and-run drivers take off immediately, most people have a hard time remembering key details about them during the investigation process. Unfortunately, this also means that the police often can’t find the other driver. However, you can help boost your chances of catching the culprit by writing down the key details immediately.

It can be helpful for the investigation if you have the details of the event fresh in your mind.

Some details that you should look out for and write down are:

  1. The color, model, and make of the other driver’s car.
  2. The number on their license plate.
  3. Any details you might get from the witnesses.

Other than that, we also recommend checking out nearby security cameras. You can often find them near local shops.

Seek Medical Treatment

Before anything else, ensure you and your passengers are safe. If someone is injured, call 911 immediately. However, even if you feel fine, it’s crucial to get checked at the hospital.

That’s because sometimes you don’t feel injuries immediately. However, they can be serious and lead to excessive medical bills in the future.

That’s not all because knowing your injuries can be critical in your car settlement claim. Seeking medical help will enable you to document your injuries, so you can receive proper compensation.

Call The Police

It’s vital that you call the police immediately following the incident. Never wait because you want trained professionals to evaluate the scene for evidence shortly after. If you wait a long time, you risk losing important witnesses and pieces of evidence.

However, that’s not all because a police report is a document you’ll need if you plan on taking the other driver to court.

a car accident attorney

Call Car Accident Attorneys

You should protect your right to file a lawsuit after a hit-and-run accident by calling car accident attorneys in Chico immediately.

Contact our representatives at Ron Marquez Law Corp immediately if you are in a hit-and-run accident.

Here at Ron Marquez Law Corp, we work as a general practice firm in Chico to help build your case in court. Our leading car accident attorneys can help you file your car accident settlements in Chico today to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our firm also offers other legal services, like wills and trust settlements, child custody settlements in Chico, and more.

Contact us today.


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