Stuck In a Family Rut: 6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Probate Lawyer

Imagine your dearest grandfather passes away and the family house that he left in your name gets taken over by your brother who is interested in selling it.

We bet you and all your relatives are heartbroken now that the house they grew up in will be vacated by a bunch of strangers.

If you had a probate lawyer, this wouldn’t have happened…

From working on matters following the death of a loved one to putting an end to family disputes, a probate lawyer can help you out of any family rut you’re in. Take a look at why you should hire a probate lawyer.

They can help you draft your will

While thinking about your will isn’t something you’d look forward to, it’s nevertheless a necessary precaution you should take. A probate lawyer can help ease the process of deciding on the will by assisting you to the best of their capabilities. From filing documents to ensuring that the court doesn’t reject any of those documents; a probate lawyer can ease the process for you.

They can help protect real estate legal claims

Legal claims against estates are more common than you might think. In case you’re ever at the losing side of it, a probate lawyer can give you the protection you need to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are respected.

They can minimize family conflict

In times when your family is undergoing a great conflict—such as in the events of an unfavorable will, a probate lawyer can jump in to smooth over the conflict and make the process easy on everyone. If it’s a question of property and estate, a probate lawyer will facilitate the dealings.

They can protect an executor’s interests

If you’re an executor, you should know that any instances where beneficiaries suffer a loss can lead to legal actions from the heir. With a probate lawyer, you can be assured that no disgruntled heirs sue you. With their assistance, probate lawyers can help limit the potential for mistakes drastically.

They can help you with court filings

Drafting court documents in case of any discrepancies in the will can be daunting and overwhelming—but not when you have a probate lawyer there to assist you. They will help you perform court filing smoothly and help you draft documents, keeping an eye out for any technical discrepancies that might jeopardize the contract later.

They can provide you guidance

No matter what the situation is, a probate lawyer can help you reduce stress and alleviate any confusion that you might have with the process of court filings or fulfilling the tasks outlined in the will. Their understanding of the law and expertise allows them to provide you the guidance you need to get through the process easily.

If you’re looking for a probate lawyer who knows what they’re doing, get in touch with the best in Chico, CA. Marquez Law Offices gives you the legal representation you need so you can avert any legal crises easily. Get in touch with our team of expert probate lawyers, family law specialists, and family law attorneys today!


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