The Benefits of a Lawyer Who Works At A General Practice Firm

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A general practice firm employs lawyers with more than one specialty. Some firms have a singular specialty that all their staff is experienced in, but they won’t handle legal matters that aren’t pertinent to that. For example, a Chico child custody law firm won’t handle your car accident settlements.

At Ron Marquez Law Corp, we believe in the benefits of having a fully capable legal staff at our client’s disposal. This way, our teams can choose the best way to approach a claim or litigation and aren’t restricted within their specialties. Of course, each employee is highly skilled in their area, but the law works best when seen holistically.

Check out our blog post about the laws surrounding child custody in California. You’ll find that many small factors can impact the outcome of a ruling. Intimate knowledge of these factors gives our staff the edge over the average family law attorney.

Legal Consults

Since each member of staff has access to the full backing of our firm, they have free access to great legal minds at all times. For example, if you hire litigation and trial attorneys, they may be able to consult with mediation lawyers to determine whether that might be a better course of action for your particular case.

A Long-Term Relationship

Working with a lawyer means sharing personal details or information they need. While there’ll always be contracts in place that grant you attorney-client privilege, it’s easier to be open with someone with whom you’ve developed a working relationship. While you can’t have your spousal support lawyers work on personal injury and damage settlements, you can have them recommend a team member who can.

This will give you more peace of mind as you move forward.

Access to A Range of Approaches For Complex Cases

As aforementioned, the law is not divisive regarding legal proceedings. A family law case may spill over into property division or even accident claim settlements. When you’re already working with a general practice firm, you have the personnel for all of your needs already available to you.

Furthermore, since your team will be inducted by the lawyer you first hired, you won’t have to worry about briefing every new addition to your team.

At Ron Marquez Law Corp, we take pride in doing the most for clients. We have wills, trusts, and probate lawyers in Chico, in addition to family law specialists. No matter the nature of the case, we can almost certainly provide legal coverage, and our litigation and trials attorneys are prepared to make sure that they do everything necessary to get a fair ruling.

We offer our clients a staff with a strong handle on the legal workings and policy in the state of California. If you’d like to get in touch with us, click here, and we’ll get back to you soon.





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