The Post-Accident Checklist Every Driver Should Have


Vehicle accidents are becoming increasingly common in the United States. Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that fatalities from vehicle accidents have reached a 16-year high.

Unfortunately, the number seemed to have only increased since, with approximately 9,560 fatalities occurring from traffic crashes in just the first half of 2022.

Being in a traffic accident can be a life-altering experience. That’s why it’s critical that you think clearly to ensure your own and your passengers safety. This can help you get the compensation you need swiftly and safely.

Here’s a checklist to help with car accident settlements in Chico.

Step #1: Check For Safety

The first step is to ensure you and the passengers in your car are safe. Assess the situation for any injuries or damages and remain in your vehicle if moving can further harm you. We recommend that you call 911 immediately if the accident is a major one or if someone is hurt.

You can exit your vehicle if you’re not injured, and turn on hazard flashers to warn other drivers on the road. Remember that it’s critical you don’t leave the scene of the accident.

Step #2: Document The Scene Pictures

The next thing on your checklist is to take gather information. Take pictures of the vehicles and debris at the scene before any vehicles are moved away.

Record as many of the details as you possibly can using the camera of your smartphone. Take photographs of your vehicle as well as close-up pictures of the damages. Also, don’t forget to record the time and date of the accident.

We also recommend that you photograph the entire scene of the accident, including any property damages or skid marks. It’s vital that you remember to record the street name and direction of the other driver(s) as well.

Step #3: Gather Information

The third step on your checklist is to talk to the other driver(s) and exchange information. You should remain polite but don’t admit any faults. Don’t comment about the accident. Instead, discuss information about car insurance with the other drivers. This will be helpful later if there are any claims in court.

If a driver doesn’t have car insurance, it’s essential you get their contact information as it’s an infraction according to California laws. Don’t ask for contact information otherwise. However, you can ask for the contact information or names of any witnesses involved.

Step #4: Call An Attorney

Immediately call an attorney after a car accident. Even if it seems minor, chances are the accident can be taken to court. However, by calling an attorney, you can protect your rights and get compensation if you are eligible for car accident claims coverage.

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