Top 3 Causes of Slips and Falls in the Workplace

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When it comes to workplace injuries, slip, and fall accidents are the number one cause. While it may not lead to fatalities, slips and falls in the workplace can cause some severe injuries that might impair you for life. Fortunately, with the help of a Chico personal injury attorney, you may be able to get compensated for the damages.

But before that, it is important to understand the common causes of such incidents to know whether you qualify for a personal injury case. That said, here are the top 3 causes of slip and fall accidents at the workplace:

1. Wet or Uneven Floors

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One of the biggest causes of workplace slip and fall accidents is wet or uneven floors. More specifically, freshly polished floors, uneven pavements, loose floorboards, and spills on the floor without any warning signs can cause a person to slip and fall.

It is one of the primary responsibilities of employers to care for the property to eliminate hazards that might lead to such accidents. But more than that, putting up warning signs until the issue is resolved is necessary.

2. Use of Hazardous Stairs and Ladders

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The use of unsafe ladders or stairs is another major cause of slips and falls in the workplace. If the employees use stairs that don’t have handrails or if there’s uncleaned debris on them, it can cause severe injuries. Moreover, not using ladders where appropriate or not securing the ladders when in use can also lead to slip and fall accidents.

Employers must ensure that only safe ladders and staircases with handrails are provided to workers to eliminate safety hazards. Moreover, workers should also be provided with adequate footwear that prevents them from falling or slipping when using stairs or ladders.

3. Lack of Safety Training for Employees

Certain jobs, such as manual laborers, factory workers, etc., are more prone to slip-and-fall accidents than others. Employers must provide sufficient safety training to staff to minimize the occurrence of incidents.

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