What if the At-fault Driver Lies to the Insurer?

Two crashed cars in the middle of the street

If you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run incident or the at-fault driver refuses to acknowledge their fault or worse, they lie to the insurer about the car accident to get rid of the liability, you need to be handle such situations. In such cases, you must reach out to a professional car accident settlement lawyer.

The demand for personal injury and car accident attorneys is always on the rise. Did you know that in 2018 around 12 million car accidents were reported in the US? Therefore, more and more people seek insurance companies every day.

Since insurance coverage is a costly procedure, the insured person does expect compensation when a claim is filed against the guilty party. But if the accused person ends up lying to the insurer, an experienced car accident attorney may prove that the at-fault driver is lying.

Common Lies Spoken to Avoid Liability

Although some car accidents can’t be lied about, in some instances, the at-fault driver may get the benefit of the doubt and refuse to accept the mistake.

They’ll end up giving excuses to the insurance company for their negligent driving, and they’ll end up covering for their drowsy driving, unnecessary speeding, intoxication, and using their phone.

If the accused party is trying to defend and justify their mistakes, it’s best to follow these steps:

A heavily damaged car that was involved in an accident

Be Honest & Don’t Argue

There’s no point in arguing with the guilty party, instead, be concise and honest about your side of the story and dictate it calmly to the police. If the police don’t take any action against the accused driver, the insurance company must investigate.

If you’re firm in your stance, the truth will eventually prevail.

Collect All Evidence

Make sure you remember all the details you can from the accident and file a police report instantly. Take pictures of the accident or any personal injury, they can be of great use during the investigation.

Reach Out to a Professional Lawyer

If you’re denied your insurance claim due to misleading statements from the guilty party, you can always reach out for legal aid. An experienced car accident attorney can deal with your insurance claims as well as take legal action against the accused driver.

If you’re struggling through your car accident claim, then reach out to our trained car accident settlements lawyers in Chico, CA. They’d be happy to assist you and help collect all the evidence you need to build a strong case, besides that we also offer guidance and reliable advice. Contact us now!



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