What to Do If You’ve Been the Victim of a Hit-and-Run

When you encounter a vehicle collision that involves the other driver fleeing the scene, it’s known as a “hit-and-run” accident.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that 10% of the US’s total car crashes are hit-and-runs. Regardless of whether or not you were inside your vehicle when it was hit, it’s essential to know the right course of action after the incident.

Know the Basics of a Hit-and-Run Accident

One of the main things to know about a hit-and-run accident is that you should treat it as a regular car crash.

From trying to identify the culprit to collecting maximum evidence at the spot, implement all the strategies as you will in any other road accident case. Moreover, contacting an experienced car accident attorney will increase your chances of availing compensation for property, medical, and other damages when the culprit is unidentified.

Try Your Best to Identify the Culprit

The police are often incapable of catching hit-and-run motorists. You can accelerate their chance to identify and locate the missing party by gathering the following information at the crime scene:

  • Any details you observed about the other vehicle, such as color, model, number, driver’s face, or even a part of its license number.
  • Ask other drivers, pedestrians, or traffic police personnel if they noticed anything about the other vehicle or witnessed the crash.
  • Check local shops for CCTV cameras footagesor more witnesses.
  • Take pictures of your damaged vehicle.

Seek Medical Assistance

After a hit-and-run accident, get yourself checked at a medical center. It’ll help you identify any underlying, minor, or significant injuries that can cause further damage to your health. This also plays a vital part in your injury claim.

Make sure to document all kinds of lab reports, prescriptions, bill payment receipts, or x-ray films that might help you gain the higher financial compensation you deserve.

Understand the Damage Coverage

In a typical road accident, the culprit will most likely pay for the damage to your automobile and health. But in a hit-and-run accident, unless you can identify and locate the other party, you’ll have to seek assistance via insurance claims.

There are two types of coverage in a car accident:

Economic: Coverage for future and current expenses such as medical bills, therapy costs, car repair costs, or injury-related wage loss.

Non-Economic: Coverage of intangible expenses such as the pain and suffering caused by the accident. Putting a price point on these elements can be a complicated procedure, thereby requiring an experienced car accident lawyer’s legal intervention.

Some types of auto insurance that can protect you in a hit-and-run incident include:

Speak With the Experienced Personal Injury or Car Accident Attorneys at The Law Office of Ron Marquez

Understanding how you can obtain compensation for damages sustained in a hit-and-run is only the initial stage in your damage redemption process. You’ll need to work with a qualified traffic accident lawyer to help steer your claims in a swift manner.

We also offer several other types of legal services in Chico, CA. Contact us for a quick consultation right away!



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