3 Questions to Ask Before Filing for Divorce

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No relationship is without its rough patches. If you’re unsatisfied with the marriage and are seriously considering filing for divorce, it’s essential to ensure you are fully prepared to go through with this life-altering decision.

These are five questions that will help you weigh all your options and carefully examine the situation before filing for divorce.

#1: Have you discussed your concerns clearly?

There are times when spouses don’t even know what they’re doing wrong. Talking to your spouse and communicating your concerns clearly can help give them enough information to correct course and make meaningful changes.

#2: What are your reasons for getting a divorce?

Filling for divorce isn’t a technique to gain leverage on your marriage or to shock your spouse into changing. So if you think that a divorce will help your spouse with a sudden change of heart, you’re setting yourself up for some serious disappointment and heartbreak.

Remember, a divorce isn’t a weapon that you can hang above your spouse—it’s a legal document that helps both parties get the fresh start they need. It should only be employed if you genuinely want to dissolve your marriage and move forward.

#3: Will you be happier after the divorce?

Although your marriage may be difficult, it’s critical to consider the consequences of your decision more deeply. When there are children involved, things can get even more complicated. For instance, will you be happy with sharing custody of your children?

While we don’t recommend that you stick with an unhappy marriage, it’s important to understand that there are numerous unforeseen changes that occur after a divorce that can leave you feeling unhappier. Taking the time to evaluate all aspects can help you make better decisions and stick by them too.

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