3 Ways Communication is Important in Estate Planning


Under 35% of Americans have a living will or trust and ineffective communication is among the most common criticisms clients have regarding estate planning attorneys. Beneficiary grievances about estate trustees tend to be similar. Communication breakdowns can arise for various reasons, which is frustrating considering their potential implications and the convenience with which they can be prevented.

Regular updates, including completed obligations, planned duties, and predicted durations, are sufficient to keep clients informed. Sadly, estate managers regularly overlook the importance of effective communication. This may cause unwarranted doubts about the procedure.

Important Questions

When you hire an attorney, you’ll be talking about your will and estate planning at the initial stage. At the beginning of every partnership, open and straightforward communication is critical. Therefore, you should ask appropriate questions and familiarize yourself with the legal team before proceeding.

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Although you can ask a potential wills and probate lawyer several questions, asking about the extent of their services and how frequently you will interact with them are two of the most critical questions for effective communication during the procedure.

Receiving Updates

Annual meetings with your estate planning and probate attorney are encouraged so clients can stay in the loop. It’s also a good idea to provide annual reviews for revised wills and improved communication. Most individuals don’t consider matters regarding their will daily, which is why delegating responsibility to a capable legal team is critical.

Any developments in your circumstances should be communicated to your attorney throughout the discussions. Your legal staff will keep you informed about any legislative changes. After that, depending on these updates, any necessary adjustments can be implemented.

Estate Plan Drafts

It can take a long time to put together an estate plan. Your estate planning lawyer should draw out a detailed model depending on your conversations regarding your needs during this period. You should ask your legal team relevant questions or make changes after they’ve drafted a plan through efficient communication. If you’re satisfied with their proposed plan, you can meet to sign and execute the final estate plan.

Hire an Estate and Probate Attorney

At Ron Marquez Law Corp, we have a reliable and competent team of wills and trusts attorneys in Chico. They possess various skills required for a smooth estate planning process and guide clients through the process by keeping them updated at every step of the way. We have assisted numerous clients with wills and estates in the past, with communication being a top priority.

If you need help with any estate planning or administration tasks, do not hesitate to contact us. Our estate lawyers are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the process.



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