5 Things to Consider in Every Child Custody Relocation Case

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Did you know that the divorce rate in the US in 2019 was 2.7 per 1,000 marriages of the entire population? If they’ve got a child below 18, most parents file for a child custody case. 90% of the cases are sorted out in court.

However, if the parent who loses the case doesn’t get to spend enough time with a child, they can consult family law attorneys in Chico for a child custody relocation case. To make sure it’s a fair and smooth process, you must consider the following:

Timing of Relocation

If you’re filing for a relocation case in the middle of the school year, it might disturb the child’s routine and will cause a hindrance in studies. However, if it’s a summer break things may work out in your favor.

Travel Time

If the relocation is only a small distance from the residence of the custodial parent it’ll be manageable for both parents to spend equal time with the child but if it requires moving to another city through air transport, things might not turn out to be favorable for both parents.

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The longer the travel time, the more it’ll impact parenting time.

Transport Hindrance

The court will consider all the possibilities that can cause hindrance in transportation throughout the year. Whether it’s the weather conditions or improper roads, either way, the time difference can impact equal parenting time.

Reason Behind Relocation

This is one of the major considerations in the court, a bitter spouse is treated differently than a helpless one. The decision depends on factors like employment in a different city or area, re-marriage, or you’re moving in with extended parents.

Make sure you come up with an authentic reason before filing for the relocation case.

Technological Assistance

Although there’s no comparison of in-real parenting, advanced technology has sorted out many communication problems.

To maintain the bond of non-relocating parents and the child, you can make use of video calling, Skype, etc. Family law attorneys or child custody lawyers must ensure that these tools are being used for proper communication at all times.

If you’re looking for a professional child custody lawyer, get in touch with us now. Our team of experienced lawyers will help you with any child support or child custody case.


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