Child Law

What Are Some Child Custody Mistakes Parents Make?


Divorce is a painful and emotional process for all parties involved, but it comes 10 times harder when you add a child to the picture. Even though leaving your partner and parting ways with them might be the right decision for you, it can be tough for a child. Children don’t understand the legalities of […]

Court Process: 5 Steps to Child Custody in California

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Did you know that in 2011, around 2.6 million single fathers in the US took child custody of their children? Who gets custody of the children depends on the situation and how strong your case is. A case becomes stronger when you hire a child custody lawyer to negotiate the dealings on your behalf and […]

What To Do About Child and Spousal Support During COVID-19

The fact that the global economy has suffered a major blow as the pandemic continues is uncontested. Businesses, restaurants, and even bars are closed down. Employers have had to let employees go and halt expansion plans. On top of that, hiring has been cut down. For many people, this has had a deep impact on their […]