Court Process: 5 Steps to Child Custody in California

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Did you know that in 2011, around 2.6 million single fathers in the US took child custody of their children? Who gets custody of the children depends on the situation and how strong your case is.

A case becomes stronger when you hire a child custody lawyer to negotiate the dealings on your behalf and for legal settlement.

90% of child custody cases in the US are settled in court. All single moms and dads fight for their child’s custody with the hope to be chosen as custodial parents.

However, to ensure that you follow the right process to begin with, here’s a guide for all the steps taken for child custody in Chico, CA.

Hire a Lawyer

Either hire a child custody lawyer or at least seek a free consultation. Even speaking to a professional family law attorney can help you to take the initial step of custody.

Comply With the Child Custody Laws

Before signing up for child custody, keep in mind that you’ll have to comply with all the child custody laws.

Even if you hire a child custody lawyer, you’ll need to understand the laws of the state for first-hand knowledge which is crucial in such cases.

A mother holding her baby after winning a child custody case in Chico, CA

Prepare your checklist with all the questions related to custody and ask your lawyer those questions so that you’re well-prepared for your next hearing.

Utilize Any Resources

Most states provide online access to child custody information. Some even offer the necessary forms that need to be filled.

This doesn’t only save time but also minimizes your effort. It saves you from going all the way to the courthouse to get your documents.

Be Well-Prepared for your Court Date

Whether you’ve hired a lawyer or you’re presenting the case yourself, you have to prepare your speech to prevent any mistakes on the actual court date.

Keep in mind that you have to present all your points in a short period. So, make it meaningful but short.

Be Present at Your Child Custody Hearing

Although you might be thinking this is an obvious step, but you can’t imagine the number of times parents have either missed the hearing or show up late.

Make sure you’re on time and fully prepared for your hearing.

If you’re in search of a professional child custody lawyer, contact us now. Our team of experienced lawyers makes sure to help you out with any child support or child custody case.



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