What To Do About Child and Spousal Support During COVID-19

The fact that the global economy has suffered a major blow as the pandemic continues is uncontested. Businesses, restaurants, and even bars are closed down.

Employers have had to let employees go and halt expansion plans. On top of that, hiring has been cut down. For many people, this has had a deep impact on their financial standing.

Some of these people already had a lot on their plate, with spousal or child-support obligations that they can no longer afford because of the blow to monthly income.

What is a person to do in this circumstance?

You May Seek Relief From The Court

If you have to pay for a legal obligation—for example, spousal or child support—and you’ve recently been let go, or have experienced a huge reduction in monthly income, the best way to navigate it is to seek relief from the court.

This relief or support could be by way of a motion to terminate or modify support.

On The Flip Side: The Receiver’s End Of The Story

On the flip side, many people may have already received the news that their partners can no longer pay the decided upon amount to cover expenses. For example, in the case of child support, the person may no longer be able to pay for a private school or uncovered medical expenses.

In order to compensate and seek relief, the person receiving support may hold the payer accountable in court for not being able to hold up their part of the contract. To further complicate matters, if you are receiving support but have also recently lost your job, you may be in need of additional support to help make ends meet for yourself and your children.

So, What Do You Do?

During these unexpected times, there’s no right or perfect solution. However, it may be in the best interest of all parties involved to seek the help of legal counsel to help devise a contingency plan.


If you want to get in touch with legal counsel or a spousal support lawyer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We also offer phone consultations to clients who hire us for divorce cases in Chico, CA.



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