Personal Injury

5 Ways to Maximize Compensation in Case of an Injury


Injury recovery is overwhelming and extremely stressful. It can take a physical and mental toll on anyone, especially if it’s a life-changing injury. To top that with a personal injury claim may sound even more stressful, but that’s where a Chico personal injury attorney comes into play. They can help shoulder the burden and maximize […]

What Factors Affect Your Personal Injury Claim Compensation?


Anytime an individual sustains an injury due to another individual’s intentional wrongful, negligent, and careless actions = they are legally entitled to claim compensation. This means the injured person or their family members can and should be able to recover compensation for the losses they have incurred. These include various economic and non-economic damages such […]

Steps to Make a Brain Injury Compensation Claim


Unfortunately, millions of people sustain traumatic brain injuries every year in the United States. Most of these occur from trips and falls that can happen due to someone else’s negligence. As a matter of fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that fall accidents make up for nearly half of TBI-related hospitalizations. That’s […]