What Factors Affect Your Personal Injury Claim Compensation?

Personal Injury Claim

Anytime an individual sustains an injury due to another individual’s intentional wrongful, negligent, and careless actions = they are legally entitled to claim compensation. This means the injured person or their family members can and should be able to recover compensation for the losses they have incurred. These include various economic and non-economic damages such as suffering and pain damages, medical bills, lost wages due to injury, property damage expenses (if any), and more.

But when it comes to personal injury claim compensation, the first thing that most clients want to know is how their claim is worth – but that is something lawyers don’t have one answer to. You see, in personal injury claim compensation, every case is treated differently. Even when you might think two cases look exactly the same, and you might find another person with similar injuries, the amount for your claim would be different.

This is because various factors are considered when calculating a personal injury compensation claim. If you want to know what factors might affect your claim compensation amount – keep reading!

3 Factors That Affect Your Personal Injury Claim Compensation

1. Type and Severity of Injury

Like we said above, you might think two people have suffered the same kind of injury -but the severity and type of injury are collectively noted to consider your claim compensation. There are several formulas used to determine the value of your injury claim. Most of the time, the extent of an injury is measured by considering the medical bills paid for the treatment.

Since every case is different, injuries are classified into categories like major and minor injuries using the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines. For example, minor injuries are those that require around 3 months to recover, while major ones are those that result in life-changing consequences such as paralysis.

2. Loss of Income

Most of the time, the person sustaining injuries might not be fit to return to work immediately, which results in a loss of income or a break in the employment period. This is an important factor to consider when it comes to personal injury claim compensation. If a person has to bear a loss of income due to someone else’s negligence, they have the full right to claim compensation money.

3. Evidence and Statements By Witnesses

Witness and expert statements and evidence are critical factors when calculating a personal injury or medical negligence claim. For example, in the case of a car accident, a witness can provide crucial evidence and a complete account of the incident. Similarly, in the case of medical negligence, an expert statement by a medical professional is important for your case.

However, this can be helpful for both parties – sometimes, a piece of evidence might be able to reduce the claim compensation amount value by telling about a key aspect of the accident that might have been missed earlier.

Personal Injury Claim Compensation – Get a Lawyer!

Personal injuries come with a lot of pain and trauma, which your claim compensation might not be able to fix magically – but it does help make your condition easier. This is why it is imperative to make sure you get the right amount for your compensation – one that you deserve. However, going through this process alone can become challenging for an individual who has already incurred an injury. Therefore it’s better to find a trustable lawyer and rely on them to guide you through it all.

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