Co-Parenting During the Holidays: What You Need to Know

Although the holidays are a time of love, excitement, and cheer, the celebrations can take a nasty turn if you’ve separated from your spouse. Whether you’re finished with the divorce proceedings or in the midst of one, the whole process can be emotionally distressing.

Co-parenting is often a difficult process, with both parties looking to spend the most quality time with their children. But the holidays can be especially testing for co-parents. Missing time with your kids during important holidays can take a severe emotional toll. To ease the entire process, a holiday season game plan is vital for all co-parents.

Here are some co-parenting survival tips for the holidays:

1. Be specific about the details

The co-parenting plan for the holidays should be specific, so you can minimize uncertainty and argument later. You can divide different holiday dates among yourselves and discuss if the one has preferences for either. Additionally, it’s best to be specific about the pick-up and drop-off times too.

2. Discuss the plan with your child

Discuss the parenting plan with your children so they know what to expect. Younger children often get scared and confused, so it’s best to take a positive approach and help them process the change.

3. Plan new traditions

Separating from your spouse might involve forgoing traditions that you enjoyed as a family together. Instead of feeling bad about missing out on previous traditions, take the opportunity to build new ones with your child, and create fresh memories.

4. Don’t be afraid to seek out support

Rely on friends and family to give you support through the holidays. Whether you’re spending time alone or have custody of your child, it’s a good idea to involve others during the celebrations to add to the festivities.

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