Divorce Stress and COVID-19: Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting divorced is tough, whether it was a peaceful mutual agreement or lessons learned the hard way.

Even when you’re not compatible with someone, living together can result in attachments, and letting go of them isn’t easy—even when you know you’re making the right call.

According to ABC News, a wave of divorces is expected as people confine themselves to their homes and start spending more time together. According to a social psychologist on Psychology Today, this is because most people don’t spend a lot of one-on-one time with their spouses, given their busy routines and social lives.

If you feel like the stress of the pandemic may be costing you your marriage, here are some things you need to consider before taking action.

Seeking Out Advice Should Always Precede Important Decisions

Even though separation and divorce are decisions where there is no room for opinions other than those of the parties directly involved, when it comes to situations like a global pandemic, it is worth considering the possibility that the divorce may not be on you completely. Rather, it could be the result of temporarily mounting stress—which can be healed.

A good way to navigate this logically, so you don’t regret your decision later, would be to seek out professional counseling. If things still don’t make sense, you can pick up the divorce option again.

It’s Possible To Work Out A Plan With Your Partner

Disagreements happen, but sometimes, the best you can do, is agree to disagree—without resentment attached. Often, both partners want to save the relationship, but things get so stressful that they don’t see a way to exist together.

At times like these, it is important to let go of the desire to fix things—you can’t ‘fix’ a broken marriage, but you can work on the differences until the pandemic ends and it becomes a little easier.

A great way to establish peace is to work out a plan that allows you to live together without getting in each other’s way. Once you’re in a better frame of mind from the reduced stress, it will be easier to re-evaluate your circumstance and see through the picture a little clearer.


If things are still not better, however, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll get you in touch with one of our divorce attorneys. We offer phone consultations to clients hiring us for divorce cases in Chico, CA.



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