Do You Need To Hire A Child Support Lawyer?

When a marriage comes to an end, the spouses aren’t the only ones affected by the divorce. The decision to separate also affects their children both emotionally as well as financially. This is why most divorce cases with kids involved lean toward child support so as to ensure that the children will be adequately provided for even if their parents are no longer sharing a life together.

Child support can be a tricky thing to navigate through. The process involved is a complex one, and requires the assistance of an attorney who’s well versed in this aspect of family law. Here’s why you should consider hiring an attorney for determining child support.

They Can Help You File the Paperwork

Child support is an intricate process that involves its fair share of paperwork. There are several different types of forms that need to be filled out, and a set of regulations you need to abide by in order to accurately fill out the paperwork.

Not only do child support lawyers help you figure out what needs to be done and how, but they can also take over the paperwork for you. Under their supervision, you can ensure that the documents you submit don’t contain careless mistakes and have been correctly filled. This helps avoid unnecessary delays and costly errors.

They Ensure All Income Is Taken Under Consideration

An important aspect of child support is accounting for all income, and ensuring that it’s calculated correctly. An attorney specializing in child support can provide this service. They’ll ensure that the income that’s being accounted for includes all categories of funds specified by the state law.

In addition to this, your lawyer will also make sure that the calculations done for the net income include all the deductions that need to be taken into account when determining the net income. This will ascertain that the process is fair and that the cost of child support payment is calculated adequately.

They Respond Fast to Income Changes

Many parents try to cheat their way through child support by switching their personal details that make it difficult to track them down and/or address the changes. For instance, a new job or a change of address both affect the final amount to be paid. By failing to acknowledge and address these changes, your child’s monthly income may be adversely impacted.

Child support lawyers are quick to respond to any such changes. They handle the task of calculating the new child support amount and filing the new changes, speeding up the process and protecting your child’s share of income.

When it comes to fighting for child custody, you need the assistance of a family law specialist. At the Law Offices of Ron Marquez in Chico, California, we have the best child support, child custody, & visitation lawyer to help you win your case.

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