Everything You Need To Know About The Probate Process

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Many of us lost a loved one during the pandemic. And while this is a very difficult situation to be in, many people don’t realize that they need to take care of their deceased loved ones’ assets to ensure they fall into the right hands.

If you’re wondering how to distribute the assets of your loved ones, we can help you! Follow the probate process to ensure the will is executed legally. If you aren’t aware of the probate law and the legal procedure, continue reading this article to find out all about it.


File A Probate Petition In Relevant US County

The first step in the probate process is for you to be acknowledged as the executor of the will officially. To complete this process, you’ll have to file a petition in the county where your family member was registered.

You’ll have to submit numerous documents, including a death certificate, to complete the petition. Once the petition is approved, you can legally open a probate case to execute the will.

However, submitting all the documents and handling different paperwork can be a hassle. This is why we recommend you hire an experienced probate lawyer who can handle everything for you.

Collect All The Assets

As the petition process is completed, you’ll have to collect all the assets mentioned in the will and present them in court. From bank account details to real estate documents, every asset document that has to be distributed should be timely submitted to the court.

Pay The Remaining Bills And Debts

As an executor of the will, it’s your responsibility to take care of any unpaid bills, debts, and taxes. Once all the expenses are paid, you can legally distribute the assets to their rightful heirs.

 A probate lawyer handling the legal paperwork

It’s no secret that the overall probate process can be overwhelming, which is why it’s crucial for you to hire probate attorneys to help you out at every step.

Hire A Probate Lawyer To Handle The Legal Paperwork For You!

Executing the will of your loved ones is never easy. From handling the paperwork to distributing the assets, the whole process can feel like a burden without help from an experienced probate lawyer. We recommend you visit Marquez Law Offices to hire probate lawyers who can help you execute the will.

We also provide excellent advice in other legal matters, including divorce and child custody. Our team of lawyers can also help you file personal injury lawsuits and help you get compensation after a car accident.

Get in touch with us today for more details.


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