How a Divorce Client Wishes to Be Treated by a Lawyer?

Getting through a divorce is like going through the worst phases of your married life in a short period. The arguments, fights, and legal proceedings can be emotionally draining for most couples. Not to mention, trying different divorce attorneys to find the right one can leave a dent in your finances too. That makes it all the more stressful!

All this struggle pays off if you get through with divorce successfully. But the process can become enduring if you’re unable to see eye to eye with your attorney. No matter how competent your lawyer is, you need an individual who can also sympathize with your situation and offer objective solutions.

They should be able to come to terms with both you and your ex to reach a conclusion peacefully. However, most money-making attorneys leave a majority of divorced couples wishing they had approached a better lawyer.

Here are some ways couples wish to be treated by divorce attorneys.

Explain the Process

Not many clients that come to us have experienced a divorce. Naturally, first-time married couples are clueless about the entire legal process and may hesitate to ask questions. The attorney must explain the process and prepare them for what is to come. This gives the couple a chance to understand the obligations of filing for a divorce and possibly re-evaluate their decision.

That said, each state may have different regulations for divorce cases. While all follow no-fault grounds, some mandate living conditions for the spouses (they should have lived apart for a certain period to file for divorce.) Your attorney should also brief you about the state regulations and advise how to proceed.

Be Compassionate

There aren’t many spouses who approach us to file for a consensual divorce along with their partner. About 20 percent of all marriages translate into cases of abuse and assault. Attorneys need to be sensitive to such clients and adopt a compassionate attitude while dealing with them. A certain amount of sensitivity goes a long way when dealing with spouses who have endured an abusive relationship for years and seek help now.

Be Objective

While it’s essential to be sensitive to the emotional turmoil that our clients go through during a divorce, it’s equally important to impart objective advice. Spouses don’t turn to attorneys for couples’ therapy; they only do when they’re sure about going their separate ways.

They approach us for sound legal advice to finalize the divorce, divide assets, and settle child custody peacefully. Attorneys must maintain an impartial, objective standpoint throughout and act in the best interest of their client.

Divorces can be half as hard if you have our family attorneys on the case. They’re experienced lawyers with sound knowledge of family law as well as marriages. They can be your voice of reason during a difficult time and help you file for a divorce.

Reach out to us at 530-332-8110 and speak to one of our attorneys to discuss your case.



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