How to Select a Car Accident Lawyer: 3 Things to Look For

Damaged car after a car accident

According to the latest estimates provided by NHTSA and NSC, deaths caused by motor-vehicle crashes are between 36,000 to 39,000 per year in the US. However, the number of deaths doesn’t give the complete picture as 4.4 million people receive severe injuries due to car accidents.

Finding the right car accident lawyer is imperative because it’s likely that you will be recovering and want a trustworthy and competent lawyer representing you. With the right lawyer, you can rest assured that the personal injury attorney you hire will take care of everything!

Your car accident lawyer will have to take care of a multitude of responsibilities, such as:

  • Making sure all the proper paperwork is filed correctly,
  • Providing general legal advice,
  • Determining an accurate estimate of the settlement,
  • Gathering evidence for your case,
  • Negotiating with insurance adjusters,
  • And representing you in court, if and when required.

You can probably guess by the list that your attorney will have to take care of a lot of legal work during the case. Therefore, selecting a car accident lawyer is an important decision, and these are the three things you should look out for:

Relevant Experience in Car Accident Injury Cases

Perhaps the most crucial thing to look for is whether or not they have agood track record. There are many areas of specialization in law, and personal injury is one of them. Apart from the specialization, experience in handling similar cases is also crucial.

Car accident injury cases can be very tricky and complicated, which is why an attorney with the right experience will be able to handle and anticipate problems before they even occur. If the lawyer has experience handling cases similar to yours, that will be a huge positive.

Look for their track record and their win rate to assess whether they’re the perfect candidate for your case.

Understanding of Insurance Companies

When it comes to car accident injury cases, your ultimate opponent will be the insurance company. It’s important to remember that the insurance business model is built on paying out in small amounts and as infrequently as possible.

Therefore, insurance companies try any strategy they can to avoid paying or paying as little as possible. Your attorney should have the right experience in dealing with insurance companies and be able to “play ball” with them.

If your attorney is familiar with insurance companies’ strategies, they can look out for your best interests.

Advice on Protecting Yourself and Gathering Evidence

A great car accident lawyer will offer you detailed and useful advice on protecting yourself. Moreover, they should also be sharp at gathering evidence. Insurance cases can quickly get vicious, and insurance companies simply wait for you to make a mistake.

Police arriving at the scene after a car accident

With the right self-protecting advice, you can avoid these pitfalls. Moreover, your lawyer should be gathering evidence that helps strengthen your case. In short, your lawyer should know what they’re doing to maximize your chances of winning so you can get the proper settlement.

Marquez Law Offices, Chico, CA Help You with Car Accident Settlements

If you’re looking for a competent and reliable car accident attorney in Chico, CA, we can help! Whether you’re looking for settlement or litigation, we’ll provide excellent legal counsel throughout the process. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.




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