How to Write a Will


Wills are the most basic documents required for estate planning, but writing one can be uncomfortable. After all, no one wants to reflect upon their mortality.

However, creating end-of-life documents such as testaments and wills is vital for any individual who seeks peace of mind. That’s because these documents are set in place to ensure a person’s wishes will be followed when they are gone.

This leads us to an extremely important question— how does one write their will? Let this blog post be your guide.

Today, we’ll discuss what wills and trust attorneys in Chico advise about writing one.

Hire an Estate Planning or Will Attorney

Though there are software programs available to help create wills, we still recommend hiring an attorney. Not only do they make the work easier by handling everything, but many situations also require expert legal advice.

In many cases, individuals who forgo a lawyer don’t know how to fill the documents correctly or to sign and notarize them. However, by hiring an estate planning or will attorney, a person can ensure that the drafting and other legal processes are handled professionally.

We also recommend opting for a will attorney instead of an estate planning lawyer because they will go to court on their client’s behalf as well.

Select The Executor

When writing a will, an individual needs to select a person responsible for distributing the estate according to their wishes. Most people choose a family member who’s detail oriented and one they can trust to be responsible. It’s also wise to have a backup executor just to be safe.

Choose Beneficiaries

Individuals also need to choose beneficiaries because they’re the people who will receive the assets distributed. One mistake most people make is forgetting to update beneficiaries in their wills. We recommend making updates to beneficiaries during important life events such as marriages, having children, or divorce. After all, the last thing anyone would want is for their estate to go to an ex-spouse.

Pick a Guardian

Selecting someone to take care of minor children and their property is probably the most important part of writing a will. It’s vital to choose multiple guardians in case one of them can’t accept the responsibility.

One also has to name a guardian for any of their pets as well as set some money aside for their case.

Divide The Estate 

The most difficult part of writing a will is deciding how to allocate the assets. Take the time to clearly describe each asset and understand which ones you can’t include. It’s important to practically distribute them, such as allocating more to grandchildren because they have less risk tolerance than children.

Sign The Will Properly

Executing a will improperly makes it invalid. That’s why it’s vital to find out state requirements and ensure witnesses sign the will. Remember that no will is legal until it has been signed before witnesses.

a will attorney

Still unsure how to create a will?

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