Problems That Lower Your Chances of Winning Child Custody

People assume it’s only parents with a history of criminal offenses or substance abuse unfit for child custody. Wrong.

There are a lot of factors that can lower your chances of winning a child custody case. If you want to be reunited with your child and play an essential part in their upbringing, you need to convince the court. Here are some things you should actively avoid doing while your child custody case is still undecided.

Refrain From Badmouthing Your Ex

Respect the other parent in front of your children. There are no two ways about it. A child should never have to grow up thinking poorly of their mother or father. You may have realized many things about your ex when you were married, but you don’t need to communicate them to your child.

This only distorts their understanding of how parents should be and how ordinary families work. If they grow up thinking that they don’t have a typical family and don’t deserve happiness, you know who to blame. They should love and cherish each parent, and your opinion of your ex should have no bearing on your child’s relationship with them.

You should especially avoid talking negatively about your ex if you think that’ll sway your child. That’s manipulation, and that’s not acceptable under any circumstances. As for your motive, it won’t serve that either.

Be Late To Pick Your Child

Being late is not fashionable when it concerns your child. Parents who aren’t punctual in picking or dropping their children display a lack of commitment. This reflects poorly on your dedication as a parent because it can dishearten your child if your attendance is important to them or even put them in unsafe situations. Being on time despite a busy work schedule shows that you put your child before everything, and that’s your ticket to winning child custody!

Substance Abuse

This goes without saying: substance addiction is a mind-altering state that compromises your ability to function as a normal human being. It can land you in unfortunate circumstances and even harm your loved ones. You may end up making poor choices or committing deeds that you never intended to do. Things as simple as driving from one spot to another can become risky, especially if your kid is in the car. Your well-being as an adult individual affects your child’s well-being. That’s the equation that courts depend on.

That said, parents are imperfect human beings, and it’s only natural that they err. But that can complicate your standing in a child custody case.  You don’t have to worry if our child visitation attorneys are on your case.

They’re not just competent professionals who are experts in family law; they have families of their own and understand how important child custody is for a parent.

Reach out to us at 530-332-8110 and speak to one of our attorneys to discuss your case.




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