Understanding the Importance of Parental Visitation in a Child’s Life

Divorce can negatively affect your children’s wellbeing

Though divorce may be the best decision for you and your spouse, it’ll likely have a negative impact on your children that can last years. Even if two individuals are no longer together, they must understand the importance of maintaining a relationship with their children.

However, keeping regular visits can be challenging. According to studies, an active relationship between parents provides children with psychological, health, and social benefits. Conversely, a child without an active parent may be more sensitive and feel rejected in life.

Here’s why every visiting parent must focus on this relationship.

Planning Wisely

Considering the importance of a functional relationship between parents and their children, divorcing parents must work out an agreement for visitation. With the assistance of an attorney during the process, you can come up with a plan that allows both parents to spend time with their children.

Delivering Care and Essentials

Providing children with education, guidance, food, clothing, medical care, time, and affection is crucial to their wellbeing. According to the law, parents must consider the commitment to their children and the amount of time required for children before, during, and after divorce.

Children’s Preferences

To some extent, courts may consider older children’s desires when setting custody and visitation as long as the children’s reasons are sensible and in their best interest.

parental visitation allows children to bond with both parents

According to the law, courts prefer children to receive guidance and love from both parents instead of one. That’s why they prefer the parent who can work best towards this goal. A parent who fails to cooperate with dual parenting

may have difficulty obtaining custody or visitation.

Visitation Order

A Visitation Order helps develop a schedule depending on various factors. Without an agreement, the non-custodial parent has the right to possession at certain times like alternating holidays or Thursday evenings during the school year. So, it is important to establish visitation orders that address regular and holiday periods.


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