What Is a Temporary Parenting Plan—And Why Do Divorcing Parents Need It?

Divorce proceedings are a pivotal experience for children—in some cases, altering the trajectory of their lives forever. Parents who are aware of the consequences need to take adequate measures to ensure their children’s safety and well-being through the process.

One of the first things a family law attorney will recommend to divorcing parents is establishing a temporary parenting plan while filing for divorce. This plan is different from a permanent parenting plan because it only applies from the time of filing for custody to when the judge makes a final decision.

Here’s what you should cover in the temporary parenting plan.

Temporary Parenting Plan

A temporary parenting plan should outline which parent has custody and a visitation schedule for the other parent. Each parent, as well as any child custody attorneys, will have a copy of the temporary plan.

A comprehensive plan should include a schedule of the number of days the child will live with each parent and visitation schedules, followed by who is legally allowed to make decisions for the child.

Areas to Consider

Several considerations go into what the court is looking for in a temporary parenting plan. If the judge feels that it adequately represents the child’s best interests, then it may be approved without change.

Here are some questions that the judge will want answers to when reviewing your temporary parenting plan:

  1. Which parent was spending more time with the child when the parents were together?
  2. Which parent’s residence is closest to the child’s school or daycare?
  3. Which parent carried out the majority of core parenting duties, including meals, doctor’s appointments, and school management?
  4. What is the distance between the parents’ homes for visitation purposes?
  5. Are there any reasons that limit one parent’s time with the child?

Using this information and any other factors that may be unique to your family’s situation, a judge will finalize a plan that introduces as little change or disruption as possible for your children.

Generally, the temporary parenting plan contributes significantly to the creation of the permanent parenting plan.

If you want to create a temporary parenting plan after your divorce in Chico, California, and are searching for a professional child custody lawyer, we can help. At the Law Offices of Ron Marquez, our expert lawyers will formulate and file a temporary parenting plan that helps put you in a favorable light.

For more information, call us at 530-332-8110.

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