What Rights Do I Get in Shared Custody of My Child?

Whenever a relationship between two partners ends, a new chapter starts: creating a peaceful, balanced, and beneficial parenting planthat shields your child from family conflicts.

If you’re considering signing a shared custody agreement with your partner, you must know the rights it’ll offer you.

Contrary to the popular tabloid fodder, shared child custody isn’t challenging to manage or settle.

Here’s how you’ll be allowed to access and spend time with your kid in a shared custody agreement:

Equal Physical Rights

In a shared custody agreement, both parents have the legal and physical custodial right to their children. They mostly agree on a plan that divides the time each of them will get to spend with the child. A child custody lawyer can help you determine the best arrangement for your little one.

Shared custody allows both parents to spend equal time with their offspring, and the law recognizes both abodes as the child’s legal home.

Make Important Decisions Together

The main distinguishing factor between shared and joint custody is that parents get physical control and shared decision-making. This option requires parents to stay co-operative and communicate with each other regarding their child’s important decisions.

Your ability to make decisions about the child’s education, religion, health, and other essential mattersis shared.

Remember Not to Hurt Your Child

When in a conflict with your partner, you often overlook your child’s wellbeing and harm them by taking the wrong steps, such as:

  • Asking children to choose between you and your partner.
  • Make promises but not keeping them.
  • Criticizing your partner in front of your child.
  • Using your child to win negotiations.
  • Withholding your kid from the other parent.
  • Involving them in court procedures and legal matters.

Can’t Agree With Your Ex on Custody Arrangements? Seek Assistance from Expert Child Custody and Support Attorney in Chico, CA

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