What to Do After a Car Crash


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported as many as 1,916,000 traffic-related injuries in 2019 alone. Fatality rates have also increased by about 7% in the first few months of 2022. This is alarming because 2021 already saw a 16-year high in such cases.

With so many car crashes occurring, it’s vital you know how to protect yourself. That’s why we’re listing steps you need to take to ensure you get just compensation in car accident settlements in Chico.  

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Check For Injuries

If you get into a car crash, it’s crucial you don’t leave the scene of the accident immediately.

This is extremely important, even if you think it was a minor incident. Instead, we recommend you prioritize your and your passengers’ safety first and check for any injuries. Call for help from authorities if someone is injured, and remain in the same position if you think moving can further cause harm.

Get Your Car Out of Harm’s Way

If no one is injured, get out of the vehicle and warn other drivers by turning on your hazard flashers. You can also use reflective emergency lights to prevent other drivers from causing any further damage your car.

Document The Crash and Gather Evidence

The next thing you should do is document the car crash. This is an important step that can make or break your settlement claim. You don’t need a fancy camera; just take out your phone camera and take photos and videos of the accident scene before any vehicles are moved away.

Ensure you document your car’s damages with the time and date of the accident. Also, don’t forget to take photographs of any property damages, debris, and skid marks.

Gather Information

Once you document the incident, it’s time to talk to other driver(s) and witnesses to gather as much information as you can. We recommend you note the vehicle’s year, make and model, license plate number, and identification number. Afterward, focus on getting information about the other drivers’ insurance. If they don’t have one, get their contact information instead because this is a violation of Californian laws.

Additionally, if the driver’s name and car’s registration or insurance papers are in different names, find out how they’re related to the vehicle’s owner.

However, remember to not admit your fault during this because it can be used against you during the claim process.

Call a Lawyer

Even if the accident was a minor one, you must contact a car accident attorney immediately. That’s because an attorney can help protect your rights and ensure you get just compensation for any damages.

a court office

Our attorneys at Ron Marquez Law Corp can help you navigate even the most complicated car accident settlements in Chico. We’re a general practice firm in Chico with top car accident attorneys in Chico to ensure you can determine fault and get reasonable compensation.


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