Why You Should Have a Living Will

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Writing a living will can be a difficult thing to do. No one wants to think about the deterioration of their health, so much so, that they are unable to make decisions regarding their life while they’re still medically alive. However, you can make it easier for your doctors and family by creating a living will and guiding them on what you would want in certain medical situations.

A living will is a binding legal document that specifies your medical treatment preferences if you are unable to decide for yourself. Your caretakers and doctors will usually make decisions based on your living will if you are seriously injured, in the late stages of dementia, terminally ill, or in a coma.


While COVID-19 has increased public awareness regarding the importance of preparing a will, living trust, or other comparable end-of-life documentation, under 30% of Americans have implemented these plans. Here are some of the benefits of drafting a living will.

You Have More Control

While some medical conditions worsen over time, others strike suddenly. You could potentially be involved in a car accident or have a work-related injury that renders you unable to work. Your medical care is certain with a living will as you’ll have the right to refuse certain treatments which might go against your religious beliefs or moral values, as well as to decline to be revived if there is no possibility of recovery.

Avoids Family Feuds

It’s fairly uncommon for family members to differ about a loved one’s treatment. Your partner may consider that a specific treatment is better for you, but your parents could disagree. A living will avoids such conflicts between family members because you’ve already made your choices clear, leaving no room for discord.

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Hiring A Wills and Probate Attorney

You may not receive your preferred medical treatment if you neglect to communicate your wishes. The absence of a living will can cause several problems for your doctor and family alike. Create a will with the help of our attorney at the Law Offices of Ron Marquez.


We understand how intimidating and emotional this process can be. Our Wills, Trusts, and Probate Attorney is dedicated to guiding you through each step and ensuring you make the best decisions possible for yourself. Take the first step and contact us today for your wills, trusts, and probate needs.



Disclaimer: This blog is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice.




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