Why You Should Let a Professional Handle Truck Accident Lawsuits

On paper, California sounds like that sunny, perfect place where bad things don’t happen. While the first part rings true, California is also one of the most accident-prone places in the country.

Highway 99 is the country’s most dangerous road—and this is the highway that has heavy truck traffic all year round. Truck accidents happen in California all the time, just like the northbound 57 Freeway incident in August, which was closed for several hours after the incident.

Why Truck Accidents Happen

Roads are in poor condition all over the state. Many are chock-full of road rage. Drivers are often under the influence, especially after the legalization of marijuana in the state. The latest, of course, is the hike in self-driving car accidents.

Trucks are used continuously and are often in a sorry state, not having been maintained for a long time. Machine errors can render a truck unsafe to drive. At times, a malfunctioning part causes the problem, which involves the manufacturer in the fiasco. The driver could have been using their cell phone. Cargo that’s been secured improperly is also a factor in such accident.

Oftentimes, the cause is speeding. Truck driving is a labor-intensive job with tough schedules, which led to many drivers not being fully awake or in control of their senses when they’re driving.

To put it briefly, there is no single cause for a truck driving accident. Potential multiple causes lead to confusion and further complicate a truck driving case.

The Consequences

There are heavy losses to property and life. Broken bones and heavy bleeding are only the tip of the iceberg. But there are often other, long-lasting damages. PTSD is one of these invisible consequences. Certain physical problems (such as heart problems or a case of nerves) can have lasting impacts on you.

What You Should Do

The perpetrators involved will try their best to prove that you aren’t completely innocent, or that you somehow share liability. Their object is to stop any compensation from coming your way.

A professional law firm will ensure that this doesn’t end up happening, and that you’re paid your due share. Your lawyer will know what areas to investigate and what elements to focus on, especially if they have prior experience with similar incidents in the same rea.

In Chico, California, Marquez Law Offices has been helping victims of truck accidents for many years. Get in touch with us today to ensure that no traffic accident brings legal quandaries to you.




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