Things You Should Know About Visitation Law

Divorces aren’t just hard for couples but also for their children. The moment you become parents for the first time, your child becomes an important part of your marriage. It’s no longer just you and your spouse who have stakes in your marriage; your children are an integral binding force in your marriage. Image Filename: Divorced Couple

Why Are Children Important In a Divorce?

If you decide to part ways, you need to consider your child’s consent and well-being in that matter. Even if they’re unable to give their opinion on some issues, they’re still your children, and that status doesn’t change as you go from married to single.

Not having their parents live in the same house or attend their school meetings as a pair is a significant lifestyle change for a child—one that’ll take some getting used to. Our child visitation attorneys will handhold your family through this difficult process to minimize the emotional stress of a divorce on a child.

Even when parents have the best interest of their children at heart, they cannot settle matters of child custody between them. That’s why visitation laws exist. Here are some essential pointers you need to know.

How Do Courts Set Up Visitation Rights

There’s no standard solution for child custody that can be applied to all cases of divorce. Courts have to bear in mind the particulars of each case and devise a visitation plan that’s suitable for the child. Here’s what they consider:

  • Where each parent is based
  • What the child prefers (in terms of parental attention)
  • Which parent is the child closer to?
  • The work schedules and availability of each parent
  • The career paths, habits, and history of each parent
  • (Last but least) the age of the child

Courts make an exception in the last case and declare their ruling in favor of the mother because a young child can’t part with his mother. However, in case the mother is unfit to assume custody of her child, the authorities may then submit the case to social security forces. The mother will then only be allowed supervised custody, so that she doesn’t harm the child in any way possible.

What Does the Visitation Agreement Contain?

The agreement is a document that contains the visitation schedule for the noncustodial parent. Depending on each parent’s case, it may contain outlines for the parent while they avail their visitation rights. Their duties and responsibilities toward their child may change according to their occupations, incomes, and lifestyle choices.

Usually, divorced parents are allowed to reach an agreement together. But in case they’re unable to, the court must intervene to settle matters. The document may also contain information such as:

  • Geographical rules
  • Child’s permanent residence
  • Visitation times and days
  • Activities that the child and parent are allowed to engage in
  • Behavioral modifications

If the matter is beyond you, let our child visitation attorneys handle it. They’re not just competent professionals who are experts in family law; they have families of their own and understand what you’re going through.

Reach out to us at 530-332-8110 and speak to one of our attorneys to discuss your case.


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