Can You Prove Neglect in a Child Custody Case?


Deciding how much time each parent gets with their child after a divorce is complicated when both parties disagree. If one parent strongly believes that the other parent is incompetent and can’t care for their child, they can hire a child custody lawyer to present their case in family court. Working with a child custody […]

Spousal Support in California—How is it Decided?


The family court in California looks at many factors when determining the amount of spousal support that needs to be paid, and how long it’s supposed to go on for. Because the court has a lot of power when it comes to setting spousal support, your family law attorney has to provide ample evidence to […]

Why You Need To Reevaluate Your Estate Plan


The coronavirus pandemic has us all on edge. What seemed like a distant and faraway virus has now become one of 2020’s most gruesome realities. It has forced us to confront our worst fears like unemployment, health deterioration, loneliness, and even death. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the unpredictable is never truly […]

Why Hiding Assets During Divorce Isn’t a Good Idea

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Divorce can get ugly—one minute you’re lamenting over years of hard work and effort that you put into your relationship, and the next minute, the same sadness is fueling your anger on why your partner couldn’t do enough to sustain the relationship. No matter what emotion rules you during a divorce, it’s safe to say […]

3 Ways the Coronavirus Can Affect Your Divorce


The coronavirus has changed the world as we knew it. From being forced to stay indoors to maintaining social distancing, we’re all struggling to come up with a routine that doesn’t threaten our lives during the vicious pandemic. While the most apparent impact of the virus is on those who have contracted it, no one is […]

What Is a Temporary Parenting Plan—And Why Do Divorcing Parents Need It?


Divorce proceedings are a pivotal experience for children—in some cases, altering the trajectory of their lives forever. Parents who are aware of the consequences need to take adequate measures to ensure their children’s safety and well-being through the process. One of the first things a family law attorney will recommend to divorcing parents is establishing a […]

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Custody?


Child custody is a significant issue that comes up during a separation or divorce. When parents are unable to reach a mutually beneficial settlement on their own, the matter is then presented in front of a judge. The ensuing court proceedings are often tough and can be stressful for everyone involved—including the children. To determine […]

3 Things to Avoid During a Divorce


Data shows that 9 out of every 10 Americans will marry at some point in their lives. But while divorce rates are falling, the current divorce rate still stands at 39 percent! If you’ve made the difficult decision to divorce your significant other, there are ways to make the process easier. To save time, money, […]