Does Legal Marijuana Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

It’s been five years since marijuana was legalized in California. Not only was California the very first state to legalize the drug, it also has the world’s biggest legal marijuana market. So far, the state has got only good rep and great cred among the young guns of the country with its collective open-mindedness. Although on the […]

Ride Share Accidents in California—What to Do

There’s new research evidence to support the fact that there’s been a hike in Lyft and Uber accidents—and we mean fatal crashes—in the country. In 2010, before you could hail rides so easily, fatal traffic incidents and subsequent deaths were at a record low. That’s when Uber first launched its services in San Francisco. These numbers […]

Factors that Affect Child Custody in California

Divorce is hard enough, but it’s harder when there are kids involved. Who does the child get to live with? Who cares for the child? Who pays for the child? Can you visit your child? When can you visit them? The questions and confusions are endless. California’s Child Custody Laws take two factors into basic consideration: […]